Nevada Focused Gold Royalty, Streaming & Exploration Acceleration

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Why Nevada Canyon GOLD?

Nevada Canyon’s business model is inherently scalable and efficient, resulting in margin expansion as the price of gold increases. We are not exposed to the inflationary pressures which have impacted the rate of return and profit margins of operating mining and exploration companies over the past several years.

We enjoy the carried benefit of reserve growth, as operators explore for additional reserves at their existing mine sites. We are not required to participate in the exploration expense or pay any additional compensation when operators discover or add additional reserves to their existing mines or deposits.

Low to no political risks as we do not operate in unstable countries. Our principal activates are primarily focused within the state of Nevada, rated as one of the best places to explore and mine in the world.

Our management team has extensive connections and experience in mineral property acquisitions and divestures with over 30 years experience operating in Nevada.

Nevada Canyon has a low operating overhead, with no mining operations requiring us to contribute to capital costs, exploration costs, environmental costs or other operating costs on properties in which we hold stream and royalty interests.

Nevada Canyon management believes it can create substantial upside value to the initial capital and equity invested by the Company with our approach and business model.

We do not compete with successful and larger royalty companies but is a source of royalty deals for them. Our focus is on acquiring royalties on smaller producing properties, pre-production or pre-resource properties, creating royalty packages and selling the packages. The much higher valuation as a package rather than individual small royalties, creates a higher profit margin in the process.

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