ESG and
Carbon Offset

Canyon Carbon Streaming

Nevada Canyon Gold’s wholly owned subsidiary, Canyon Carbon, LLC, is currently evaluating various carbon credit royalties, and potential carbon streaming investments in carbon offset projects in the Western US, with an emphasis on Nevada. We intend to employ the same proven streaming and royalty business model while implementing the best ESG sustainability practices for the mining sector with access to the latest technologies in carbon capture, carbon offset, clean energy, and ecosystem credits within the Western US. We intend to provide financing to companies today in exchange for future production. In this case, production isn’t gold or silver, it’s carbon credits.

What are carbon credits?

A carbon credit is a tradeable permit or certificate that provides the holder of the credit the right to emit one ton of CO2 or equivalent greenhouse gas in order to reduce one's carbon footprint. They help fund projects that reduce global emissions. Carbon credits are already bigger than most commodity markets and will continue to grow. With new legislations and market pressures for carbon neutrality, this will be a must have for every company. Future demand is already projected to far exceed supply.

Business Plan

Canyon Carbon, LLC engaged Warms Springs Consulting, LLC (WSC) a US-based Certified B Corp. to develop a first phase rangeland carbon credit royalties streaming opportunity analysis providing a high-level evaluation of the technical feasibility and market potential for developing rangeland carbon credit projects in arid mountain-west ecosystems. WSC will develop a business plan that will utilize existing rangeland carbon protocols for soil sequestration carbon credit projects.

This initial analysis will evaluate the market demand and the potential revenue for rangeland soil carbon sequestration for the mountain-west arid grassland ecosystems, particularly looking at sage grouse habitat where grazing occurs (Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, etc.). The analysis will also evaluate the potential to couple carbon credits with sage grouse ecosystem credits, and, in this context, look at the royalties streaming business model and the marketability of carbon credits to the mining sector in North America.

Significant opportunities exist within the Nevada mining industry for carbon credit offset project investments, that provide ESG and Carbon offset solutions to mining companies.


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