Developing Undervalued
or Distressed Assets

Exploration Project

We find undervalued or distressed mineral exploration properties and provide investment capital, along with our geological and engineering expertise. This then increases the geological potential and adds value to the properties. We then sell the property to other mining companies for a premium return without all the large Cap-Ex expenditures. We recover our costs, shares in the purchaser’s Company, and most importantly retain a royalty in the property. Avoiding the high costs and time of putting a mine into production. This creates short term upside value in these properties, with very low risk, while retaining a long-term royalty, at a very low-cost basis.

A unique combination of royalty and streaming business stability and accelerator business competitive advantage.

  • Leverage technical team to select early stage opportunities
  • Finding and developing under valued or distressed assets
  • Accelerator Projects combine assets/teams/capital
  • Developing and Selling the assets to other mining companies for premium returns without large capital expenditures
  • Retain a stock position in the asset purchaser’s Company
  • Retaining a royalty, recovering our costs, while avoiding the high cost of putting mines into production.
  • Creating royalties that otherwise wouldn’t exist

Exploration Project


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